Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm in Greece right now.

I was selected as on of three students to go to the island of Crete in Greece to participate in osteological research. The other two students and I decided to come a few days early and stay in Athens before traveling to Crete. I'm so glad we did. Yesterday we went through the New Acropolis Museum and then went to the actual Acropolis. You read about Ancient Greece all the time (at least I did in school), but when you actually get to Athens and go through the museums, it is just amazing. The remains of the Parthenon? I just can't describe it. It was awesome. I learned a lot more about ancient Greek customs than I ever thought I would.

One thing I didn't realize is there are a lot of cats and dogs in Athens. They don't belong to anyone really. They belong to everyone. Everyone in the city will feed them. They aren't shy. I had a cat crawl into my lap today to ask for attention. I petted him, and he drooled on my pants.

One thing nobody really tells you before you travel to Greece is you can't flush toilet paper. There. Now it's out in the open, and everyone who reads my blog will know. Instead, you place it in a trash can. Obviously, unclean Greek restrooms smell a lot worse than the gross gas station toilets in the US.

Tomorrow I move on to Crete, and I don't know how much internet access I will have there. I will also be working all day with bones. I'm excited and I know the island will be gorgeous, but right now my heart belongs to Athens. 

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